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  • Transparent to sound

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Flame retardant

  • Easy to cut

  • Works in any climate

  • Withstands mildew and dust

  • Wide variety of patterns and colors. 

Acoustone's special properties also make it the ideal fabric to cover surfaces that have to absorb sound. With fewer obstructing fibers than old-fashioned spun yarns, it lets sound pass through to the core below. 

This way, a substrate of absorbent material can dampen sound as needed. This makes Acoustone ideal for recording studios, churches, auditoriums, theaters and offices. Acoustone fabrics can be applied to walls adjacent to speakers as well as ceiling panels to fully integrate the design of a space. 

And with its extensive selection of colors and patterns, acoustical panels can be designed with a higher degree of control.

Covering absorption material on walls. Covering sound panels.

Acoustone fits in perfectly for home theater applications. It's widely used for covering speaker clusters in auditoriums, sound studios or organ lofts in churches.

Sound Absorption

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